Introducing the IEP Quality Tutorial

Introducing the IEP Quality Tutorial

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The IEP-Q Tutorial was created to assist education professionals in writing quality Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for students. On this site, you can:

  • create goals based on Illinois Learning Standards
  • develop more individualized goals for each student
  • find answers to your questions about writing quality IEP's for your students

Users of the Tutorial have seen consistent improvement in the quality of their IEPs. Here is a selection of what users had to say about the Tutorial:

  • Overall, there is a goldmine of information! When I’ve attended one-day workshops addressing changes in IEPs, I’ve felt overwhelmed by having all of the info thrown at me at once. Having this site available to access at my leisure and when it is needed is wonderful!
  • Building goal statements was much easier when I had the reminder right beside the statement I was trying to build.
  • I felt the Tutorial was extremely user-friendly. Please get this out to my fellow educators as quickly as possible.
  • A great reminder of how IEPs are supposed to be written. It has helped me look more professional and write a quality document for the student and team.

The Tutorial will not replace your district IEP generation program. Rather, it is a stand-alone website with many resources that you and your fellow teachers can access. To see how the IEP-Q Tutorial can help you, take our tour: